Feel the Scandinavian wrath!

How not to dress in sub zero weather, I might have been drunk this weekend as I found this in my phone now.

Vodka, red bull, beer and döner… Night is shaping up nicely

Swedish hockey at its best

Merry fucking x-mas from Sweden, we don’tveven have snow and it is above zero. Fuckwin!

A little christmas tune to get you in the holiday spirit… swedish metal style!

Merry shitmas!

All hail mighty Pelle… even if Atilas mutant Jesus would fit the season.

The ball of fur better known as Garm is sleeping peacefully at my feet after a walk :)

The little ball of fur is farting his way to glory

Got me a new little hairy friend :)

Long time no update

Since my last update I have turned ancient.. also known as had my 30th birthday.. I also have a puppy incoming in a few weeks.. yup yup time for pets and stuffs.

Great ambient track.. great classical guitar work.

black metal ramblings

Was watching a mini-docu on one man black metal bands.. and the “presenter” or whatever called USBM the third wave of black metal..

I may have been out of touch with the scene for a while but from what I have heard from the USBM scene few bands beside Judas Iscarioth and Xasthur are even worth namedropping even for a elitist asshole like myself..

And if there ever were a third wave of black metal I would say that it would have been the bands from Russia/Poland who would have spearheaded that one.. some amazing bands come from there.. even if a lot of them have some weird political motives.

But to end on a positive spin on USBM.. for the love of everything unholy check Xasthurs work out.. really good stuff.. if you like depressive black metal that is.

Sweden at its best